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Wharf Financial’s mission is to provide the opportunity, and the motivation, for our clients, neighbors, and all those in the DMV area to invest responsibly and with a purpose—and to feel confident about their retirement planning.

Our clients are active members of their communities, do good deeds, and make positive contributions to society. They insist that their investment choices reflect those same values.

There are many names for it, but values investing is a thoughtful and meaningful approach to investing that provides the opportunity for investors to contribute to, and even influence, positive social and environmental issues, without sacrificing financial returns.

Whether investing in companies that provide alternative energy, or those that have positive hiring practices; whether investing in companies working to feed or bring water to the neediest, or those that provide cutting-edge technology to underserved communities, there are unlimited opportunities to invest in companies that are striving to make the world a better place.


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Most of our clients are hardworking government specialists, attorneys, program managers, tech gurus, teachers, lobbyists, and entrepreneurs. In other words, they are as diverse and interesting as DC itself.

Our clients tend to be progressive, curious, and interested in local sports and the arts. They are relationship rich and active in their communities. They enjoy fine dining and traveling. However, they are also concerned about retiring comfortably (and not running out of money), educating their children or grandchildren, and/or perhaps caring for an aging parent.